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A Circular Pyramid in Mexico City

Cuicuilo – One of first towns in Valley of Mexico

The archeological zone of Cuicuilo was one the first towns of the Valley of Mexico. This pyramid is located south of University City and reached its splendor period from the 600 b.C. to the 200 b.C.

One the most highlighting aspects of this structure is its conic form because it is the only construction of Mesoamerica with that form. It could be the conic form is because it was the first monumental building of the Valley of Mexico and for that the builders wanted to recreate the shape of the big mountains that surround the site to consolidate their power over the people by pretending that the governors were the proprietors of the mountains.

Paradoxically this prosperous town was destroyed by the surrounding mountains because around the 200 B.C. the Xitle volcano erupted, burying it partially with lava, and this zone was hidden until the year 1922 when it was rediscovered. Since then Cuicuiclo is one the major attractions of the city and in the spring equinox there are festivals like in Teotihuacan. You can easily get to this zone by Insurgentes Sur Avenue or by the Periferico highway.

Cuicuilco when grounds are green
Cuicuilco when grounds are green

Aerial view of Cuicuilco
Aerial view of Cuicuilco

View from pyramid toward downtown
View from pyramid toward downtown

Charreada in Tlajomulco de Zuniga

Charreada in Tlajomulco de Zuniga

Maria got a bunch of free tickets as a local restaurant promotion and asked if I wanted to go. I’ve only been to country rodeos and I was picturing precision drills by women riders – this was neither.

They call the Charreada the national sport – but I don’t know. These were four teams who compete on a regular basis with 5 events.

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Playa Azul - Michoacan

This was my second time in Playa Azul and I’m a little more impressed than I was last summer. In the winter there are people there, more businesses are open and they keep the town clean. Last summer it looked abandoned. The beach is long and flat with no protection from the open ocean. We watched a number of fishing pangas struggling to get out over the waves. Had a nice sunset but can’t recommend

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Cotton in Mexico and Pacific coast

Cotton in Mexico and Pacific

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Manzanillo History

With its fine natural harbors, Manzanillo was an important seaport even before the Spanish

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