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Mazamitla, Tapalpa, San Gabriel loop from Colima

A Mazamitla, Tapalpa, San Gabriel (Venustiano Carranza) loop from Colima

This trip is from March back when there were still snow-birds around wanting to take short trips thru Mexico. Glen and I spent two nights in the Colima area before taking this drive. We first headed up highway 54 and veered off to Mazamitla via the back way thru Tuxpan and up the valley – very nice drive past sugar

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Up in the Pines

Reading the Mexico Cooks article on using pine needles in Patzcuaro reminded me of cones and needles in Tapalpa a week ago.

For some reason, for somebody, we were supposed to bring back a bunch of cones but we didn’t look much further than the side of the road. Sadly these looked a little like roadkill, muddy, unopened (not dry) and were all very small. I hope they worked for somebody’s unknown

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Ferreria de Tula

Yesterday Trailrunner, Chris and I piled in Marilyn’s (TR) car and headed for Tapalpa about 10am (they are not early risers). I’ve been to Tapalpa twice before but Marilyn wanted to show us some other places and Chris was here for her first week.

First stop was Ferreria de Tula which is just outside Tapalpa. Very small (few hundred people) and I don’t know much about the history except that the dam (presa) was

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