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Monarch migration underway

The Monarch migration is well underway in 2012

Many Monarchs have covered half the United States from Canada on their way to Mexico

News from Learner.Org’s Monarch Watch. “Fall 2012’s unsual pattern continued this week, with large numbers in the east and small numbers in the drought-stricken Midwest”.

A few years ago we left Patzcuaro early on a March morning, after scraping the ice off the windshield, headed for

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Curanderos of Cucuchucho

Well actually beyond the town of Cucuchucho along the lake road to Tzintzuntzan. This is something you’d miss without a tour or had lived in the area for awhile. This project was originally government funded to continue the knowledge and practice of indigenous medicine and medical practice. They are now mostly on their own.

We went with a tour organized through CELEP, my favorite Spanish school in the Patzcuaro area. The site is a combination of

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Lake Zirahuen - Michoacan

Lake Zirahuen in Michoacan Mexico, is an enchanting lake just 20 kilometers from the city of Patzcuaro along the highway toward Uruapan. You can also access the lake from Santa Clara del Cobre over a cobblestone road. The name Zirahuen means “Place of Smoke”, maybe from the mountain mist over the lake.

The clear blue water of the lake, one of the cleanest in Mexico, makes this a real visual pleasure. There is still

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