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Angahuan - Michoacan

Angahuan is the little Purepecha town that you need to pass through to the Las Cabanas starting point to hike to either Paricutin volcano or the church. It may have been a bit of a drive depending where you started the day and you will most likely have a guide riding horseback along side your car who is unable to take no for an answer. Just don’t let your hurry or distractions keep

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Monarchs Now Arriving in Michoacan

November 6, 2009

This news just in: The monarchs arrived in large numbers yesterday at Mexico’s winter sanctuary region.

The news was announced by biologist Eduardo Rendon, who heads World Wildlife Fund-Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Program.

“Today, all of the roads that lead to the Monarch Reserve are full of butterflies,” he reported yesterday. Evidently the monarchs began to arrive on Sunday and Monday, when the first trees containing clusters were found

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