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Mezcala Island - Lake Chapala

Mezcala Island on Lake Chapala, Mexico

Mezcala Island is a few kilometers southeast of Mezcala on the northern shore of Lake Chapala. It is also known as El Presidio. From 1812-1816, a small band of rebels held off the Spanish army and navy against overwhelming odds. Tired of the humiliation the Spanish finally negotiated a peaceful surrender with the insurgents. The island then became a Spanish prison for many years.


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Cuicuilco near UNAM

Cuicuilco – One of the first communities in the Valley of Mexico

I first visited Cuicuilco in 1999 when staying with friends on the UNAM Campus. It’s just a short walk from the main campus entrance and as you can see below it changes it’s appearance with he seasons.

The archeological zone of Cuicuilco was one the first towns and the first major religious civic center in the Valley of

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Cuyutlan Salt Museum

Sal de Cuyutlan – Colima – Mexico

One of Cuyutlan’s attractions is it’s Museo de la Sal – Salt Museum (sponsored by the University of Colima), which displays the processing involved in the extraction of sea salt and its history. Nearby along the train tracks there are many weathered wooden storage sheds that were used for warehousing the salt before shipping. During the Spanish colonialization of Mexico, Cuyutlan was one of the

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A Crocodile experience in Melaque

A Crocodile (cocodrilo) experience in Melaque, Costalegre, Jalisco – Mexico

This story is from a few years ago when I lived on the Lagoon (Laguna de Tule in Melaque)

For the last month, maybe two, we’ve been having a night visitor that leaves tracks like those below. We knew it was a crocodile because we see them in the lagoon all the time. What we didn’t know

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House building in Mexico

House building in Mexico
Small house project near the beach in Melaque, Jalisco – Mexico

It’s about time to feature my house building project that’s been going on since late 2007. At least that’s when I bought the first lot and almost a year later bought the second adjoining.

The story deals with incompetent builders, family problems, stopping and re-starting the project, changes in presta nombre, changes in house plans

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