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A Circular Pyramid in Mexico City

Cuicuilo – One of first towns in Valley of Mexico

The archeological zone of Cuicuilo was one the first towns of the Valley of Mexico. This pyramid is located south of University City and reached its splendor period from the 600 b.C. to the 200 b.C.

One the most highlighting aspects of this structure is its conic form because it is the only construction of Mesoamerica with that form. It could

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Gustavo Bernal, a Mexican potter

Gustavo Bernal, a Mexican potter from Michoacan

Gustavo Bernal is a native of Michoacán. This artisan pottery made of clay from Tlalpujahua is fired at high temperature and completely handmade. He started his work in Mexico City but wanted to be close to the source of his materials.

He studied at the school of pottery and porcelain MOA group with Japanese teachers for two years and has been making his

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Anahuacalli Museum

Museo Diego Rivera – ‘Anahuacalli’

Casa de Anáhuac – Coyoacán, Mexico City

Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli or simply Anahuacalli Museum is a museum located in the south of Mexico City.

The unique museum was conceived and created by muralist Diego Rivera, who, motivated by his own interest in the Mexican culture collected near 60 thousand prehispanic pieces during his life and projected a building to place and exhibit them. It was

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The gardens of Mexico City

Xochimilco – Mexico City
The gardens of Mexico City

Xochimilco is a south-eastern suburb of Mexico City. Mainly a commercial and tourist center, it is famous for its canals lined with poplars and flowers (Xochimilco is a Native American word meaning “plantation of flowers”). In pre-Hispanic times the Xochimilcas built soil-covered rafts (chinampas) in Lake Xochimilco on which they grew vegetables and flowers to be shipped to Mexico City on the canals. Eventually

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The Dolores Olmedo Patino Museum

The Dolores Olmedo Patino Museum
Xochimilco, Mexico City

The Dolores Olmedo Patiño Museum in Xochimilco houses the most important private collection of artwork by Diego Rivera. As well as 137 works by the famous Mexican muralist and painter, there are 25 notable works by Frida Kahlo, 43 by Angelina Beloff, and an extensive collection of Pre-Hispanic pieces and Mexican folk art.

Named after the rich philanthropist who donated the collection, the museum is housed

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