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Gustavo Bernal, a Mexican potter

Gustavo Bernal, a Mexican potter from Michoacan

Gustavo Bernal is a native of Michoacán. This artisan pottery made of clay from Tlalpujahua is fired at high temperature and completely handmade. He started his work in Mexico City but wanted to be close to the source of his materials.

He studied at the school of pottery and porcelain MOA group with Japanese teachers for two years and has been making his

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Dolores Hidalgo and Atotonilco

Dolores Hidalgo
and Santuario Atotonilco, Guanajuato – Mexico

Dolores Hidalgo is the birth place of the Mexican revolution, Talavera pottery and crazy ice cream. Atotonilco was the second town in Miguel Hidalgo’s march toward independence.

We drove out the back way from San Miguel near San Miguel Viejo not quite sure how to find Atotonilco. It turns out it’s right off the Dolores Hidalgo highway but made a nice country

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Mexican Village Life - 1958

From the Internet Archives – Public Domain
Willard Hahn travels to the village of San Diego de Tecoltepec, 6 miles from Toluca. He focuses on the harvesting of maguey juice, the washing of clothes in-stream, and the town’s water cistern, as the village has no running water. The villagers board a beautiful old bus to take their goods to the nearby market in Toluca, and walk home to avoid paying the fare of several

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Jocotepec Tianguis

Tianguis (Tianquiztli) is a Mexican word derived from the Mexican indigenous language Nahuatl, or Aztec language, and is still frequently used today in Mexico to describe an open public market, i.e., a street market. Often the markets would travel from town to town in a municipality setting up in a different location each day of the week.

That’s the way it was in Melaque on the coast, a different town each day

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