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Laguna la Maria

Laguna La Maria – Colima – Mexico

Laguna “the Maria” This lake is 22 km into the mountains from Comala. There is a recreational center with cabins (hotel), camping and modern RV spaces and a restaurant. There are small boats for rent but I’d suggest not for fishing since the lake water looks stagnant this time of year. We did see lots of fish along the shore.

We walked the kilometer

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Lake Zirahuen - Michoacan

Lake Zirahuen in Michoacan Mexico, is an enchanting lake just 20 kilometers from the city of Patzcuaro along the highway toward Uruapan. You can also access the lake from Santa Clara del Cobre over a cobblestone road. The name Zirahuen means “Place of Smoke”, maybe from the mountain mist over the lake.

The clear blue water of the lake, one of the cleanest in Mexico, makes this a real visual pleasure. There is still

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