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Balneario La Huerta

Balneario Aguas Calientes – La Huerta

Marcos and I drove up to La Huerta on highway 80 only with the idea of looking around town and maybe taking a side road or two. What we found was some very nice and helpful people in the Tourist Office (Oficina de Tourismo) just off the Plaza.

We knew about the Petroglyphs but had no idea where they were or how hard to

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Cuzalapa for Coffee

I was getting low on coffee and very tired of Nescafe. The place(s) here in Melaque are charging 90 pesos a 1/2 kilo when only a few years ago I was paying 50 pesos. I’m referring to Cuzalapa coffee, the best coffee around and the only ones that do a dark roast. Anyway, all my neighbors were busy so I decided to drive up and see what the prices were and how the

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Villa Purificacion

Villa Purificacion is about half way between Autlan and La Huerta off highway 80 north of Casimiro Castillo and is part of the La Huerta municipio in the state of Jalisco. Because of the abundance of water, agriculture is the main industry of the area

This town was founded by the Spanish back in the mid 1500’s but I’ve not found much more history on this pretty little town. The road in from highway

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La Huerta Jalisco

La Huerta Jalisco Mexico

About a half hour up in the mountains on highway 80 from the coast and the town of Melaque on the Costalegre

Marcos and I drove up to La Huerta with the idea of exploring the country side. We’d heard of the Petroglyphs but had no idea where they were. Before marching off into the unknown we decided to check out downtown La Huerta and

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Cuzalapa Organic Coffee

Cuzalapa Organic Coffee Cooperative
Cuautitlán – Jalisco – Mexico

Cuzalapa is the site of a very old shade grown coffee plantation that grows organic Arabica beans. Cuzalapa is a little over an hour from Melaque off highway 80 to the south-east of La Huerta on the northern edge of the Manantlan Biosphere Reserve.

The coffee is grown under the shade of a large variety of other trees and the women of the

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