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Villa Purificacion

Villa Purificacion is about half way between Autlan and La Huerta off highway 80 north of Casimiro Castillo and is part of the La Huerta municipio in the state of Jalisco. Because of the abundance of water, agriculture is the main industry of the area

This town was founded by the Spanish back in the mid 1500’s but I’ve not found much more history on this pretty little town. The road in from highway

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Majahuas to Tehuamixtle

A very long day trip from Melaque, Jalisco

We had never been out to the coast in this area – mainly because the beaches are a long way from the highway. Had no idea of road conditions of distances between towns. We started with Majahuas and worked our way north.

The Majahuas turn off is the first road just north of the bridge north of Tomatlan. The fisherman’s Coop “Roca Negra” is there

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Talpa de Allende

Talpa de Allende is most famous for it’s pilgrimages to pay homage to the Virgin de Talpa. The icon is housed in Talpa’s basilica, built in her honor in 1782.

There is an old story that shortly after the virgin was found in the mid-1600’s, she disappeared to Masota because the mayor of Mascota wanted the devoted coming to his town. Mysteriously the virgin kept returning to Talpa until the mayor finally gave up.

The festivities

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Concepcion de Buenos Aires

A friend told me about Concepción de Buenos Aires somewhere off the new road to Mazamitla as being an attractive place to visit. The turn off is about 10-12 miles up the hill from Amacueca to the right. Putting that name on a road sign is next to impossible so you’ll see something like – Cocep de BA. About 12-15 miles on this secondary road full of not very deep potholes appears the gates to

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Ballet Folklorico - Jocotepec

Ballet Folklorico Monumental Bicentenario en Jocotepec

The show started yesterday at 4-5ish on the Jocotepec malecon featuring ballet folklorico troupes from 13 communities in the lakeshore region. The finale at 7 p.m. had 650 couples and a live mariachi playing and dancing the El Tranchete, Las Alazanzas, El Son de la Negra and the ever popular Jarabe Tapatio, better known to gringos as the Mexican hat dance.

Organized by Jalisco’s Ministry of Culture in conjunction with the

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