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Mercado San Juan de Dios

Mercado San Juan de Dios – Guadalajara

Mercado San Juan de Dios or Mercado Libertad in central Guadalajara is sometimes called Taiwán de Dios due to it’s frantic pace and large size. An average of 20 thousand people pass thru the market every day among it’s 2600 businesses. The building is on three levels and covers over 44 thousand square meters. This is a place you spend days exploring. It has

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Tlaquepaque, once a town of it’s own and bedroom community of the rich in Guadalajara, has been incorporated into the city. Lately it has attracted artisans of many talents and has become an expensive artsy-crafty shopping center. The pedestrian only streets that branch off the plaza do make for relaxing window shopping. Take your time and you’ll also see much of Mexican history on display. Tlaquepaque underwent major commercial renovation in the 1970’s to improve

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We find Silver in Guadalajara

The crew made a treck into Guadalajara yesterday via bus in search of music stores. Many we did find, one close to the bus station and a bunch in centro. Metropoli, closest to the bus is where we got most of our stuff but the ones downtown were rewarding as well.

It’s been since 2004 when I was last in Guadalajara so really didn’t know my way around. We just wandered from

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