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Jardin Etnobotanico

The village of Acapatzingo, now part of Cuernavaca, attracts hundreds of visitors, since it is the site of a country house known as Casa de la India Bonita, bought by Maximilian of Habsburg to visit the mysterious Indian Bonita, the beautiful Indian woman who so entranced him that the emperor frequently absented himself from his royal duties to spend time in her company in this idyllic setting. The ‘Casa de El Olindo’ is now the

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The gardens of Mexico City

Xochimilco – Mexico City
The gardens of Mexico City

Xochimilco is a south-eastern suburb of Mexico City. Mainly a commercial and tourist center, it is famous for its canals lined with poplars and flowers (Xochimilco is a Native American word meaning “plantation of flowers”). In pre-Hispanic times the Xochimilcas built soil-covered rafts (chinampas) in Lake Xochimilco on which they grew vegetables and flowers to be shipped to Mexico City on the canals. Eventually

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