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Cuzalapa for Coffee

I was getting low on coffee and very tired of Nescafe. The place(s) here in Melaque are charging 90 pesos a 1/2 kilo when only a few years ago I was paying 50 pesos. I’m referring to Cuzalapa coffee, the best coffee around and the only ones that do a dark roast. Anyway, all my neighbors were busy so I decided to drive up and see what the prices were and how the

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Concepcion de Buenos Aires

A friend told me about Concepci├│n de Buenos Aires somewhere off the new road to Mazamitla as being an attractive place to visit. The turn off is about 10-12 miles up the hill from Amacueca to the right. Putting that name on a road sign is next to impossible so you’ll see something like – Cocep de BA. About 12-15 miles on this secondary road full of not very deep potholes appears the gates to

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Mazamitla, Tapalpa, San Gabriel loop from Colima

A Mazamitla, Tapalpa, San Gabriel (Venustiano Carranza) loop from Colima

This trip is from March back when there were still snow-birds around wanting to take short trips thru Mexico. Glen and I spent two nights in the Colima area before taking this drive. We first headed up highway 54 and veered off to Mazamitla via the back way thru Tuxpan and up the valley – very nice drive past sugar

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