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Charreada in Tlajomulco de Zuniga

Charreada in Tlajomulco de Zuniga

Maria got a bunch of free tickets as a local restaurant promotion and asked if I wanted to go. I’ve only been to country rodeos and I was picturing precision drills by women riders – this was neither.

They call the Charreada the national sport – but I don’t know. These were four teams who compete on a regular basis with 5 events.

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On the way to the Charreada

I drove over to Maria’s house this morning to pick them up for the Charreada trip and a breakfast first. I noticed the clouds rolling over the mountains and this was a better view than I get my from house.

After breakfast we were treated to a small parade with school kids, a band, horses and a few Queens of something

Clouds over Jocotepec

Ferreria de Tula

Yesterday Trailrunner, Chris and I piled in Marilyn’s (TR) car and headed for Tapalpa about 10am (they are not early risers). I’ve been to Tapalpa twice before but Marilyn wanted to show us some other places and Chris was here for her first week.

First stop was Ferreria de Tula which is just outside Tapalpa. Very small (few hundred people) and I don’t know much about the history except that the dam (presa) was

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