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Playa Azul - Michoacan

This was my second time in Playa Azul and I’m a little more impressed than I was last summer. In the winter there are people there, more businesses are open and they keep the town clean. Last summer it looked abandoned. The beach is long and flat with no protection from the open ocean. We watched a number of fishing pangas struggling to get out over the waves. Had a nice sunset but can’t recommend

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Santiago - Manzanillo, Colima

Santiago – Manzanillo, Colima

A complete little beach town just north of Manzanillo

Santiago, once a separate town has been annexed by the City of Manzanillo – so is now a Colonia. However it still has the flavor and feel of a small Mexican town complete with a market and a Bull Ring. About eight blocks into town is the Mercado and adjoining craft and flower markets. The

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La Vena Beach on the Costalegre

La Vena Beach on the Costlegre, Jalisco – Mexico

I’d heard of this beach before and pictured it as being much more difficult to access and more primitive than it is. You turn into the Blue Bay resort road north of Melaque and La Manzanilla and the first guard is right there near the highway. He only wants to see the drivers ID so he can take your name and know

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