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Jalisco is in west-central Mexico and its capital is Guadalajara. Jalisco has a varied topography and climate. The Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range crosses Jalisco north to south, and much of the state is part of Mexico’s high central plateau. Volcán Nevado de Colima National Park, which straddles the border with the state of Colima in southern Jalisco, contains two of Mexico’s highest volcanic peaks—Volcán de Fuego (3,820 m/12,533 ft) and Nevado de Colima (4,339 m/14,236 ft). Jalisco’s narrow coastal plain is heavily forested and receives substantial precipitation; the higher inland areas are drier and support less vegetation. Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest lake, forms part of Jalisco’s southeastern boundary with Michoacán. Other significant cities in Jalisco include Puerto Vallarta, Lagos de Moreno, Ameca, Ciudad Guzmán, and Autlán.

Jalisco Trips

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Santa Maria del Oro
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