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Museo Casa de Ignacio Allende

Colonial museum in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Casa de Ignacio Allende is the birthplace of Ignacio Allende, one of Mexico’s great Independence heroes, and it now houses a historical museum. The “Museo Histórico de San Miguel de Allende” has a collection of weapons, documents and other objects that belonged to this independence war hero. Located at 1 Cuna de Allende Street, next to the Parroquia de San Miguel on the main plaza.

Museo Casa de Ignacio Allende

Angahuan, Michoacan

Angahuan is the little Purepecha town that you need to pass through to the Las Cabanas starting point to hike to either Paricutin volcano or the church. It may have been a bit of a drive depending where you started the day and you will most likely have a guide riding horseback along side your car who is unable to take no for an answer. Just don’t let your hurry or distractions keep

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Colima University Museum of Folk Art

Museo Universitario de Artes Populares
Near downtown Colima, Mexico

This museum is located in a neighborhood known as “La Atrevida,” on the corner of Gabino Barreda and Manuel Gallardo Zamora streets. To get to here from downtown Colima, coming from Torres Quintero Square specifically, you need to walk 7 blocks up Gabino Barreda street. Then you will find the University complex known as “IUBA.” In this complex you will find the Pablo Silva

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San Miguel Viejo and the Casqueros Chapel

San Miguel Viejo and the Casqueros Chapel

On one of those ‘what to do’ days we went looking for an organic farm out past the San Miguel train station. Nice to see and they did have plenty of salad fixings – most of it is sold to stores and restaurants in town.

San Miguel Viejo, just past the farm, is not well defined and not much there except for

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Monarch migration underway

The Monarch migration is well underway in 2012

Many Monarchs have covered half the United States from Canada on their way to Mexico

News from Learner.Org’s Monarch Watch. “Fall 2012’s unsual pattern continued this week, with large numbers in the east and small numbers in the drought-stricken Midwest”.

A few years ago we left Patzcuaro early on a March morning, after scraping the ice off the windshield, headed for

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