Santa Maria del Oro

Lost in southern central Jalisco Mexico

Take a wrong turn in Mexico with a terrible map and this is what you might run into. Santa Maria del Oro - in the southern section of Jalisco. I was headed from Mazamitla in Jalisco to Los Reyes in Michoacan.

A number of friends were looking for the route I followed on good maps but nothing really close was found. This government web site had the best info and also shows that Santa Maria was recently called Manuel M. Diéguez.

Enciclopedia de los Municipios de México


Valle de Juárez in Jalisco (near Mazamitla) is where I started on my way to Los Reyes in Michoacan - thinking there was a decent road between the two. Actually I had a lousy map and was totally lost. Anyway, up and over the mountains I went on a paved but very steep and winding road. As I came down the other side I saw my first view of Santa Maria del Oro - which is essentially the end of the road. Santa Maria is just about the friendliest town I've run into in Mexico. The first night I was invited to a fiesta of nearly 100 people (primary school graduation) and the second night invited to dinner with a young family (the horseman below).

There were lots of little pueblos, ranchitos and farms beyond Santa Maria that I didn´t take pictures of because I didn´t want to be driving in the dark and I hadn't made contact with the locals. Taking fotos of small places that you zoom thru is like eating and running. A great and kinda crazy experience. I'm sure if someone else was with me I would have been talked out of it.

Very interesting is also the 60 some comments on my blog from people who are from there or have family in Santa Maria or La Aurora - Blog and Comments

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Santa Maria del Oro, Jalisco

First view of Santa Maria
The river thru town
The only main street
The main street
The Plaza
The mountains I crossed
Over looking
Over looking
Town center
Only dirt from here
La Aurora
La Aurora
Small river
Bridge project sign
River under the bridge
River under the bridge
The bridge
Another river - the border
Another river - the border

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