Xochimilco - Mexico City

The gardens of Mexico City

Xochimilco, a southern suburb of Mexico City. Mainly a commercial and tourist center, it is famous for its canals lined with poplars and flowers (Xochimilco is a Native American word meaning "plantation of flowers"). In pre-Hispanic times the Xochimilcas built soil-covered rafts (chinampas) in Lake Xochimilco on which they grew vegetables and flowers to be shipped to Mexico City on the canals. Eventually the rafts became islands rooted to the lake bottom. Boating on the canals is popular among tourists and city residents.

This was part of the Museum tour to end our day in Mexico City. I suggest you go with friends for a few hours if at all possible. Tour groups lack vitality ... and Xochimilco is all about having fun. Take food and beverages with you.

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Xochimilco - Mexico City
The Foot Bridge
Ready to go
Souvenir Market
The Canal
Our group in the Boat
Floating Food
Floating Elote
Just one Party
Canalside Restaurant
From the Foot Bridge

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