Music and Comida in Cuernavaca - Morelos

Priscilla is (was) an unruly 17 year old that couldn't live with her dad who lived up the street.  Like most teenagers she was into music and turned out to be my neighbor while I was taking Spanish classes.  Oscar, her boy friend played guitar and they knew a number of musicians.  We went to a few bars they were playing as well as the plaza concerts.

This is the music after the comida with the remains of some the food on the table.  The guy in the white shirt is replacing a string on my guitar he broke when tuning it up.  He plays with a jazz band in a restaurant in El Centro - in fact we are going to listen to him tonight (Friday 19-Aug-2005)

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Our place is on the edge of a barranca (large gully) with lots of trees and 'wild' animals.
 Another view - I put up the tarp for rain and sun protection
Patio solo
Looking down on the pool we can't use
Love birds and friends - Oscar and Priscilla
Oscar was so proud of this foto I had to include it - don't ask