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New web site

This is not what you are used to so please be patient. Still filling out the pages and hope to get all the links to original pages installed this week.

Let me know if the response time is too slow and I’ll try to tune it – IE; remove  junk.

I did remove some extra gadgets and menus.  Page load time is better !!

For Email contact – sparksmex [AT]

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6 comments to New web site

  • Ron Paulson

    Nice new pad–can’t wait to visit. So where are the best bars?

  • Bars …. bar are only in Ajijic. Around here there are just cantinas

  • charlie

    Good luck in your new start. Lake Chapala seems pretty tame at a distance, and I’m interested in how you like it.

    I’ve followed the tomzap forum there in Melaque and read quite a few of your posts, and even wrote to you a couple of times over the years. Having spent a bit of time in the La Manz./Melaque/Barra area, I’m familiar with your old area. Wondering why you left? Was it a bit more than just itchy feet?

    Best of luck, Charlie

  • Charlie …. Itchy feet, the heat, relation with the family fell apart over money … and the Chapala area is a lot closer to places I’ve never been or not spent enough time in.

    Chapala I’m not sure, Ajijic is gringolandia, Jocotepec and other smaller towns in the area have less or egual numbers of gringos as Melaque has in the summer.

    Got a few friends up here … and the beach is only 4 hours away

  • Barrajorge

    Haven’t been on your site for a while but I now have some of the answers to my questions to you in my pm. Just checked the weather for Chapala….pretty nice. How are rental prices and the economy in general for the area? Much closer to San Miguel and there has got to be a place called “Arturo’s” there somewhere. I hope that you and Ron would make a trip to the beach some time and we could meet at Arturo’s for a few Pacificos.
    Your Pinal Villa endeavor gained you a vast understanding of constuction in Mexico, from A to Z. What a great accomplishment….I hope that you can be happy about the whole experience, in that regard. Your phone no. por favor in a pm.
    Mejores saludos

  • Hola Jorge

    Ron’s going to be down sometime in October for a few months working on his Melaque lots and fishing. I’ll probably be down a few times while he’s there.

    Yep the construction was a challenge and fun but I’ll just end up putting the place up for sale.

    Sent you an email ….

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