My new chicken

About 10 this morning I was listening to a chicken making a racket and since we have chickens in the neighborhood I didn’t pay much attention. Then the racket sounded just outside the backdoor so I’m off to check it out. Turns out there is this white hen being chased around the yard by one of my cats.

I tried shooing her out the front gate but that’s not where she wanted to be. All over the yard, in the front door of the house and out the back and the cat not helping at all.

So 5 hours later she is sitting in a corner of the back yard …. laying eggs?? The cats are hard on birds and lizards here but are afraid of this chicken. Maybe she’ll head home tonight

My new chicken

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  1. Lin:

    Hello Sparks…is that right? I just found your addy on the yahoo ask a question site it was about rental property, writen 3 yrs ago! But, maybe it was waiting for me. LOL

    I have only started my search for a place to retire to, in Mexico on mt social security.( I found I do have enough for a visa)thank God.

    SO when I saw your chicken story I decided to write to ask your opinion about where to look. I love animals, so rural areas are my first choice. BUT,( in Florida) like here I want to be able to get to a good hospital IF needed. fast! :) I’m a nurse!

    I like peace and quiet most of the timeand safety, nothing fancy needed, except air conditioning and a place to fish.

    If you get this and have a few ideas, please let me know.
    Mucho Thanks,

  2. sparks:

    Wow …. living in the country with a hospital close might be hard … or at least getting there if you can’t drive yourself.

    As far as the chickens go … you’ll find them within most cities/towns as well as the country in Mexico. Mexico is large and you didn’t say if you’ve been or if you have Spanish skills. If from Florida you should be able to take the beach temperatures and humidity and maybe without AIR after awhile. Electricity is costly with AIR. Up in the highlands you don’t need air but more likely heat in the winter.

    I would check a few of the message boards I have listed on my Info Links section and make a few exploratory trips before getting serious about any one area

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