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Into the Sierra de Manantlan

They say that the name of this region means the place that catches the rain. The Sierra de Manantlan is part of the cultural region known as the Occident of Mexico that developed in parallel to the pre-Columbian cultures of Meso-America.

This mountainous area, located in the central western states of Jalisco and Colima falls within the limits of the Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve, the most important protected area in western Mexico due to its biodiversity and resource richness.

We headed out of Jaluco (the back way) looking to reach Durazno which is in the Biosphere Reserve along with Cuzalapa and were really rewarded by the scenery and relatively good road conditions. We found Durazno but didn’t realize the famous waterfall was a few miles further plus a good hike. It was getting late, we weren’t prepared … so we headed back via highway 80 this time. A link to a web page with more fotos below

Downtown El Almolon

A nice section of road

Sierra de Manantlan

Drive from Jaluco to Cuzalapa and beyond

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5 comments to Into the Sierra de Manantlan

  • Andy Martin

    Nice article – just wish you had been
    able to keep driving ;)

    I’m looking for information on the road that goes
    northeast out of Durazno, and climbs up to Cerro La
    Cumbre. Can a pick up truck climb this road ?
    Is it open to all for driving, or locked up ?

    The road is shown on the map at
    (zoom in and look in the SW corner of the map)

    Any info would be appreciated –
    gracias amigo – Andy Martin


    buenas tardes soy el propietario del rancho “la ferreria o manantlan” ubicado en la reserva de la biosfera de la sierra de manantlan para subir a la sierra hay varios caminos se puede subir por el chante tambie se puede subir por cuautitlan de barragan y otros mas ahorita el camino esta mal por lom del huracan jova si se puede subir en camioneta pero 4x 4 hay que tener cuidado por toda via hay animal de uña y otrsa especies lom mas recomendable es que lo guien los de la reserva de la biosfera que se encuentran en autlan, atte lic. jose a. flores gracia

    • estefan Madrigal

      Hola Jose,

      Gracias por tus comentarios.

      yo tambien querio subir a la sierra de manatlan tal vez por el durazno. se puede subir en 4×4 o cuanto se hace caminando hasta el cerro de la cumbre o hasta la estacion de las joyas?

      Muchas Gracias!

  • David Watts

    Can you give me directions to the Cazalapa Coffee plantaion??

    David Watts

    • Here’s a link to a trip I made about a week ago …. but basically you go up highway 80 past La Huerta to La Concha and take the next major right. Signs should say Cuautitlan, pass through Cuautitlan to the very small town of La Rosa and take a left. That is the road to Cuzalapa. You can ask at the first store in town but it will be straight up the hill about 6 blocks on your left

      La Huerta, Cuautitlan and Cuzapala for coffee

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