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Gustavo Bernal, a Mexican potter

Gustavo Bernal, a Mexican potter from Michoacan

Gustavo Bernal is a native of Michoacán. This artisan pottery made of clay from Tlalpujahua is fired at high temperature and completely handmade. He started his work in Mexico City but wanted to be close to the source of his materials.

He studied at the school of pottery and porcelain MOA group with Japanese teachers for two years and has been making his own style of pottery for 15 years. He describes his art in ceramics, as “ACA”, inside, the heart, of our roots, people. Which combines the four elements: earth, air, water and fire. Using a technique with Iron oxides (natural earth colors).

His studio is also a school workshop, “Ceramicas Aca” (Ceramics Here), where he currently teaches for free up to 15 people. Tlalpujahua is located in the most eastern part of Michoacan almost directly between Morelia and Mexico City.

Ths video was particualarly interesting to me because Pottery/Art was my major in College back in the late 1960’s. Back in the Hippie Daze. We worked and used a clay very similar and built two high-fire gas kilns.

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