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Ferreria de Tula

Yesterday Trailrunner, Chris and I piled in Marilyn’s (TR) car and headed for Tapalpa about 10am (they are not early risers). I’ve been to Tapalpa twice before but Marilyn wanted to show us some other places and Chris was here for her first week.

First stop was Ferreria de Tula which is just outside Tapalpa. Very small (few hundred people) and I don’t know much about the history except that the dam (presa) was built hundreds of years ago and there’s a Spanish colonial style church over looking the lake.

Tapalpa is a story (or pictures) of it’s own. Tomorrow I’m driving Silvia’ family to a Charreada somewhere near San Miguel Cuyutlan which is in a valley between Joco and Guad. I just hope we can find it

Ferreria de Tula Dam

Ferreria de Tula Dam

Ferreria de Tula Lake

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