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Container home in Mexico

I got this interesting email from someone in Sayulita asking about building with containers and I only took a few pictures and wrote an article. My response was not positive.

We are looking to make a container home in Nayarit and want to source the containers in either Manzanillo or Mazatlan. Any connections or insight would be helpful. Also what type of insulation and floor are you using? We are concerned about heat issues

My response
Not sure how you got the idea I’m bulding with containers but I did write about a friend that did. There are two people here with 6 container projects and they say they would never do it again. They are not cheaper, there are sealing and insulation problems … and they have low ceilings.

Purchased in Manzanillo the 40 footers were $2500 and $500 to haul. Then you need a crane if you are stacking. The only one that made sense to me was a single on the beach in Laguna Seca with nothing done to it except windows and doors … and covered with a palapa

Six container home

One container home

Their Web Site

Bob Villa article on the project

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2 comments to Container home in Mexico

  • Anton

    Hi there,

    Do you have any more detailS on why the 6 container projects weren’t a success?

    So you would advise against building multi storey container houses

    Thanks for any info as I’m looking into this as well

  • Unless you are into recycling …. what’s the purpose? They’re not cheaper than brick, not easy to insulate well, they have low ceilings …. and depending on location may cost more to transport and install

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