Chapala artisan fair

Yesterday I was asked to go along on a shopping trip, found myself in downtown Chapala and remembered the Art Fair. Since I’d never been and Marilyn had – I opted to check it out while she continued her shopping.

Very cool and worth the 50 peso admission. The paper art and weaving were my favorites and it was good to see the Cocucho potters making an appearance. Talk to the weavers and they’ll tell you all about the extensive process of dying (like tie dying) and setting up the looms. A number of local artists made the fair as well like the muneca women from San Cristobal.

Food was good and reasonable – check it out if you can

Feria Exposición Maestros del Arte AC is a non-profit mexico art show held yearly in Chapala Jalisco, Mexico to promote the ever disappearing folk and indigenous art (artensania) of Mexico. Artists are invited from all corners of Mexico based on the quality of their work, whether their art has been passed down generation to generation, or perhaps they are an “undiscovered” artist who is worthy of recognition for his/her work. All art/handcrafts must be made totally handmade by the artist presenting their work and they must use only “natural” materials in its production.

Mexico Art Show – Feria Exposicion Maestros del Arte AC

Munecas (dolls) of San Cristobal

Hand finshing the trim

More Fotos

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