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Birthday Bar-b-Que

Both Fernando and I had birthdays last week but we decided to have the party on the weekend so more people could come and we could start earlier. They voted on my place because I have more room. Fernando asked his girlfriends family so with the two families that made about 12. And us three gringos, Bill from Chapala and Marilyn from next door.

Maria and I and the kids went shopping early Sunday in the market for meat, veggies, beans and a cake. They prepared everything including marinating the beef and sent me home with a kilo of beans to cook on my stove. They all showed up around 3 and the fun began. Lots of good food, beer, music and even a pinata for the kids. Good time had by all …. and I almost forgot the tres-leche cake

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Cumpleanos fiesta en Jocotepec

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