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Any Apple tree pruners

So many people don’t know how to prune trees … and not just Mexico … everywhere. I’m not sure this one has ever been cut back but how else could it turn into such a mess. There are good sized suckers coming up from the base of the tree and they will be the first to go … but looking at that tangle of branches I won’t know where to start.

Leaves are gone but still some fruit on the tree so will wait till it gets colder and sap stops running. No option other than looking up ‘Apple Tree Pruning for Dummies’ on the Internet

Apple tree needs pruning

Apple tree needs pruning

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2 comments to Any Apple tree pruners out there?

  • Greg Harris


    I’ll be coming through in a few months as I drive down to Manzanillo from Oregon.If you still need help with your tree,let me know and I will be happy to help you shape your tree so it will grow horizontally,makes for easy picking and it is a great conversation starter.

  • I guess if you are taking 54 thru Colima dropping by Jocotepec would not be far out of the way …. so sure, drop by.

    My neighbor needs some tree trimming too and has found a Mexican that offered. He may do mine as well if he handles hers well.

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