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About the fireworks

I asked on the local Yahoo Group what the deal was with the amount of local fireworks. They are common in Mexico and I’m used to them on occasion … but in the two weeks I’ve been in Jocotepec it seems they never stop except in the middle of the night.

I really didn’t expect the most definitive answer … but it seems everyone wanted to joke about it.

Here’s the best answer from Georgia Nucci

Hey, sparks.
Wait until January! You ain’t heard nothin’ yet.

Here are why fireworks are set off:
1. It may not be Joco … sound travels across the lake from all the little villages.
2. Birthdays
3. Weddings
4. Funerals
5. Quinceaneras
6. Births
7. Divorces
8. Virgins converted
9. Other conversions
10. Leftover cohetes
11. Drunks
12. Just for the hell of it.
13. Announcing mass at the local church.
14. National feast days
15. National feast days on alternative days in small towns.
16. Telephone line connected.
17. CFE bill reasonable.
18. Confirmations
19. Ordinations
20. The arrival of Sparks to Joco.

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3 comments to About the fireworks

  • Welcome to the Chapala area! I’ve followed your Costa Alegre blogs for a long time…we should have a cup of coffee sometime!

    Cheers, Thomas

  • Hola Thomas … not sure I know you but may indirectly thru Blogs or message boards.

    I keep telling myself I’ll get down to the Joco Plaza more often for coffee around 9am but it’s either later or not at all. Not really settled yet and been working on this new site

  • I am surprised no one told you the REAL reason for los cohetes;

    Pre-Cotez the Aztecs would get together to exhort their gods to bring rain or whatever. At those times people would shout, bang on drums/hollow logs or each other to “make a great noise”, sorta to get the attention of the gods. Cohetes are the modern version of all that noise making and the Catholic Church (not being tan tonto ) decided to allow it.
    Now that’s the Paleo-Social reason, BUT….
    A Baptist missionary told me the reason for the cohetes was to blow a hole in the bottom of heaven so that a couple of local sinners could get into heaven. Both stories carry equal validity as far as I’m concerned. Now I’ve got to run down to the farmacia for some more ear-plugs.
    Feliz Sr. Del Monte!
    Miguelito El Cojo, Jocotepec

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