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San Miguel Viejo and the Casqueros Chapel

San Miguel Viejo and the Casqueros Chapel

On one of those ‘what to do’ days we went looking for an organic farm out past the San Miguel train station. Nice to see and they did have plenty of salad fixings – most of it is sold to stores and restaurants in town.

San Miguel Viejo, just past the farm, is not well defined and not much there except for

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Santiago - Manzanillo, Colima

Santiago – Manzanillo, Colima

A complete little beach town just north of Manzanillo

Santiago, once a separate town has been annexed by the City of Manzanillo – so is now a Colonia. However it still has the flavor and feel of a small Mexican town complete with a market and a Bull Ring. About eight blocks into town is the Mercado and adjoining craft and flower markets. The

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Cuyutlan Salt Museum

Sal de Cuyutlan – Colima – Mexico

One of Cuyutlan’s attractions is it’s Museo de la Sal – Salt Museum (sponsored by the University of Colima), which displays the processing involved in the extraction of sea salt and its history. Nearby along the train tracks there are many weathered wooden storage sheds that were used for warehousing the salt before shipping. During the Spanish colonialization of Mexico, Cuyutlan was one of the

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La Vena Beach on the Costalegre

La Vena Beach on the Costlegre, Jalisco – Mexico

I’d heard of this beach before and pictured it as being much more difficult to access and more primitive than it is. You turn into the Blue Bay resort road north of Melaque and La Manzanilla and the first guard is right there near the highway. He only wants to see the drivers ID so he can take your name and know

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Cuzalapa for Coffee

I was getting low on coffee and very tired of Nescafe. The place(s) here in Melaque are charging 90 pesos a 1/2 kilo when only a few years ago I was paying 50 pesos. I’m referring to Cuzalapa coffee, the best coffee around and the only ones that do a dark roast. Anyway, all my neighbors were busy so I decided to drive up and see what the prices were and how the

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