Playa Tecuan and old Hotel El Tecuan
Costalegre, Jalisco - Mexico

"The skeletal remains of a hotel developed by General Garcia Barragan, Mexico's Secretary of Defense in the 50's, sit on a parcel of land overlooking the ocean. The property was given to him by Mexican ex-President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz for his service to the country. The general built the hotel, swimming pool, tennis court and even a private landing strip but died before he could complete the plans. The hotel was leased out by family for several years but fell into disrepair and has since been looted, raided and stripped of anything of value." .... more below

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Playa Tecuan from Hotel
Hotel El tecuan
Hotel El tecuan
Hotel El tecuan
Hotel El tecuan
Lagoon behind the Hotel
Hotel El tecuan
Developers Sign
El tecuan from beach
Beach looking north
Tecuan waves
Rocks on north end
Lagoon on north end
Arroyo Seco North
Lagoon on south end
Beach and rocks

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The turnoff to El Tecuan is about 10-12 kilometers north of the Tenacatita road with large signs.  All the beach property is owned by a development company including the abandoned old hotel El Tecuan which was closed down in the late 1990's.  Of all (there are many) wreaks of hotels along the Pacific coast, this used to be one of the nicest.   There were a few movies shot at the hotel and area which they used to close off to the public for the duration.

The drive into the beach is about 10 kilometers and the paved road is starting to fall apart.  In places it's reduced to a single lane due to the overgrowth.  Mango orchards, cattle guards and cattle are along the way.

Both ends of the beach are bound by river mouths and there is evidence of an old bridge that used to cross to the beach just north - Arroyo Seco.  During the dry season (winter) you can walk or 4-wheel across either the north or south ends of the beach.

There is sometimes good surf - but surfing, boogie boarding or body surfing there is not for beginners.  Steep beach with rips and undertows reported.