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Bygone Days of Bahia de Navidad
Barra de Navidad and Melaque, Jalisco - Mexico

The black and white pictures were sent to me from a friend in Guadalajara.  They were originally scanned from a foto album or newspaper in very large format.  They had to be reduced to fit in this format but are still very interesting.

The three color pictures are from an album that Carmen Lodise created.  Carmen is currently living in Barra and an old friend, Mark Schmidt, recently brought these pictures down.  Visiting this area back in the 50's or even 60's must have been an experience and something most of us missed.

Realize that in 1955 there was no road between Barra de Navidad and Vallarta.  It only went as far north as Chamela (dry season).  The road was completed in the late 60's and the modern cement bridges built in the 70's.  Here's a 1955 Pemex map of Mexico - Caminos De Mexico -1955

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Old vintage pictures of Barra de Navidad and Melaque