Cleaning a Pulpo (octopus) and cooking
San Patrico, Melaque - Mexico - the Costalegre

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A family fisherman brought home a octopus and it was decided to have it for dinner. Mari took it out to the washing station and waited until I got my camera

First you take out the ink sack and the rest of the insides - then you start scrubbing. Lots of scrubbing and rinsing to remove the slime

Finally she removed the beak (boca) and a few small parts of the head

She boils it for an hour with garlic and onions and cuts it up in small chucks. This was fried in garlic butter, a little salt and worcestershire sauce. Veracruzana or diabla are other ways to cook it. Also makes good cevichi. Crisp tortillas, lime and jalapenos on the side