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A view of how the other people live
Costalegre, Jalisco

About a week ago we met Antonio Nava, the reservation coordinator from the El Careyes Resort at a friend's birthday party. He invited us to check out El Careyes and promised us a personal tour.

Antonio was not there when we arrived but were told we could wander the grounds and take as many fotos as we liked.  Next to the restaurant there is path through the complex that leads over to Playa Rosa.   The pools are gorgeous and they were doing a "beauty" shoot for some magazine

We stopped at Antonio's office after our exploration to see if he had returned and were rewarded with a personal tour of one of the "castles" - Casa Sol de Oriente (the other -  Casa Sol de Occidente is located across the bay), exclusive villas that are part of the resort. These villas rent for US$7000 per night. Private homes are also nestled in the mountain sides at El Careyes.  According to Antonio, the house below the castle that we toured, belongs to British singer Seal and wife Heidi Klum.

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