Cihuatlan, Jalisco Mexico

Behind Cihuatlan and the Marabasco river

I've been up these roads, to the lake and even miles beyond where the road ends in the head of a valley.  Each time the trip is different depending on the season (how green or brown) or amount of water in the river.  In the dry season they add about 10 feet of earth behind the cement dam to help divert more water to the irrigation canals on either side of the river.  The south side of the river is Colima and to the north is Jalisco - both with lots of farming on the river delta.

There is a little town of Marabasco just south of the bridge with a No-Tell motel along the way.  Turn left just before you reach town and you can follow the irrigation canals up to the lake.  The area is popular for fishing and cooling off during family outings.  Some kids  told us about a well on the Colima side that they say dates back to the times when the indigenous peoples lived there - it's possible!

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Behind Cihuatlan

Cihuatlan from the cross on the hill
No Tell Motel south of town
Irrigation on the Colima side
Irrigation on the Colima side
Irrigation on the Colima side
Marabasco dam
Marabasco swimming
Marabasco dam
The 'ol swimming hole
Road in the area
Talapia fishing
Trail up to old well
Looking down old well

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