Lake Zirahuen

We drove from Santa Clara del Cobre to the Lake

Lake Zirahuen in Michoacan Mexico, is an enchanting lake just 20 kilometers from the city of Patzcuaro along the highway toward Uruapan. You can also access the lake from Santa Clara del Cobre over a cobblestone road. The name Zirahuen means "Place of Smoke", maybe from the mountain mist over the lake.

The clear blue water of the lake, one of the cleanest in Mexico, makes this a real visual pleasure. There is still very little development on the shores of this beautiful lake. A few resorts and very small towns line the north shore and the town of Zirahuen is on the south. You'll see wooden "trojes" (Purepecha-style cabin) in town and along the way.

From the dock in downtown Zirahuen you can take one of two boats on an around the lake tour. On the cruise the local highschool kids will sing a few songs and another youngster will tell everyone the history of the lake (in Spanish). There is a snack bar on the boat for a few things and soft drinks and beer.

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Drive from Santa Clara del Cobre to Lake Zirahuen

First ecounter with trafiic
Santa Clara - Zirahuen Road
First view of the lake
Looking at town on Zirahuen
Lake from Ferry Dock
Only traffic light in town
Restaurants at Dock
Restaurants at Dock
Restaurants at Dock
Ferrys at the Dock
Lake from the Dock
Restaurants at Dock
Downtown after heavy rain
House Downtown
Kids bikes in front of Arcade

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