Volcan Paricutin
From Las Cabañas and Angahuan - Michoacan

Since we were in the area, had not all seen it and I had no pictures of Angahuan - we made the drive.  A few fotos are from a previous trip just to fill in.  This was our first stop up from Uruapan and at 10am no tourists had arrived so we had the place pretty much to ourselves.  We got the usual sales pitch to ride horses to the church but weren't interested.  I felt sorry for the guys that follow you from the entrance to town - but what can you do.  They don't take NO for an answer.

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Las Cabañas sign
Paricutín church from Las Cabañas
Paricutín from Las Cabañas
Las Cabañas
Las Cabañas restaurant
Stable horses ready for the ride
Angahuan Church
Angahuan Plaza
Angahuan Church
Angahuan girls playing

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