The Port and the Waterfront

We went down to Manzanillo yesterday to re-new my FM3 at immigration which is located at the Port Offices.  A few of these fotos are taken from there with the public beach nearby.  The re-newal process took so little time we decided to head downtown, look around and find Bar Social.  Bar Social is left over from the 1940's and has not changed much since then.  A very simple place that the locals hang out at for Beer and Botanas in the afternoon.  The botanas don't start being served until 1:30 and we got there at noon so just had a beer.  We'll check it out later another day.

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Fireboats on downtown waterfront
Cruise ship inside the harbor
Along the old pier downtown
Tug going back out to get the next ship
Pilot boat going out for another
Navy training ship by the base
Downtown from Port Offices
Downtown from Port Offices
Public beach near Port Offices
Sidewalk cafe near the waterfront plaza
Bar Social from inside
The bar at Bar Social
The bar at Bar Social
The power plant from Miramar

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