I rented a car in Santiago and drove south to Cuyutlan, Boca de Pascuales and Tecoman.  Cuyutlan is a pretty tired little town, beaten up from the Pacific weather.  Very few people there in the off season. The turtle sanctuary south of town is interesting and always open to the public. If you can find a guide for the lagoons nearby, they are beautiful and mosquito ridden.  Bring lots of repellant.

                    Cuyutlan (a web site) is 45 min south of Manzanillo
                                           Don Adams - Cuyutlán

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Cuyutlan Boardwalk
The boardwalk in Cuyutlan
Beach in Cuyutlan
The beach in Cuyutlan
Cuyutlan Town
The town of Cuyutlan
Cuyutlan Turtle Sanctuary
Actually the most interesting thing was the turtle sanctuary just south of town
Cuyutlan Turtle Sanctuary
Turtles of all sizes in covered pools
Cuyutlan Turtle Sanctuary
All sizes
Cuyutlan Lagoon
Take the tour in an outboard boat of the lagunas behind the sanctuary
Cuyutlan Lagoon
Mangrove tunnel - mosquitoes can be fierce here with no wind
Cuyutlan Lagoon Guide
Laguna guide
  Little (maybe 2 feet long) caiman mother sitting on her nest