Travel Fotos - Airports-bus-along the way
Phoenix Airport, flight south to Guadalajara
The Tonala bus station that took me to Morelia on the way to Patzcuaro
Then back to the Guadalajara airport to miss my plane (daylight savings)

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Phoenix airport
America West - Phoenix - Flight to Guadalajara
flying over Mexico
A little south of Mazatlan
flying over Mexico
Looking way down on Mexico
Guadalajara bus station
Taxies at Tonala bus station - Guadalajara
Morelia bus station
Inside the Morelia bus station
Morelia bus station
Older section of Morelia station
Agave along Hyway 80 - Melaque to Guad
Guadalajara airport
Front of Guadalajara airport - GDL
Guadalajara airport
Guad airport - some of the new stuff
  Guadalajara airport  
  Guad Airport - ticketing - older section  
  Guadalajara airport  
  In restaurant waiting to miss my plane (daylight savings)