Villa Purificacion
25 Kilometers off highway 80 between Autlan
and La Huerta, Jalisco - Mexico

This town was founded by the Spanish back in the mid 1500's but I've not found much more history on this pretty little town.  The road in from highway 80 is flat, narrow and you'll probably run across lots of farm vehicles along the way including burros and carts.  Lots of sugar cane, corn, fruit orchards and supposedly - cotton.

The town has a nice plaza with almost everything of importance on the edge of it.  It has the appearance of a colonial town but has not been preserved as one so there are newer buildings mixed with old.  The church is looking pretty tired on the outside but is in perfect shape inside.  The one 'fancy' hotel, behind the church, looks good, has secure parking and is less than $20us

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