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  Finishing walls to the dala - Week Six and Seven

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They finished the walls to the two meter level and now it's time to tie it all together with a cement header (dala) all the way around. Today they will finish pouring the header on the two rooms in the back .... and them on to the front two rooms. We're also putting some of the electrical tubing in the dalas so the roof installation will have a few less to do. The routing of the wires is not what I would have chosen but unless I'm there all day to check ... and I've been feeling under the weather this week. Anything can be re-done by chipping away the cement and brick and that's what they rely one.


The beginning of week six

Towards the end of week six
Week seven and dalas (headers) are started
Putting up the rebar for dalas and framing in windows and doors
End of week seven and dalas almost complete - form still on the right
Pinal Villa Casa