Building a home in Mexico  
  Putting up more walls - Week Five

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This week we are finishing up the walls of two rooms of the four and putting up half walls of the last two.  The half walls you see are one meter and they stop there so as to not put too much weight on the wet mortar

The second foto shows how the wooden forms are held in place for the castillos.  They push a stick through the wet mortar as they lay brick (rather than drilling holes later) and use wire to attach the boards.  The brick and smaller board make a lever to hold the forms close.

The bottom foto is how one of the neighbors brings out water from his place because the street water has been shut off for two days.  Like siphoning gas out of a car, we suck on the hose and get 55 gallons mas o menos.


A couple of windows in front and more second level walls

Forms for the castillos (upright beams)
The neighbor brings water needed to mix mortar