Building a home in Mexico  
  Installing drainage and electric - Week 18-22

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Quite a jump in time here but Chui, the foreman, fell off the scaffolding from 2 meters and is in his third week of recuperation.


Last week I got the plumber/electrician out and we put in the drainage for 3.5 bathrooms (outside wash basin below the stairs and a toilet under them).


I was advised to buy a 4 meter pole for the electrical hookup but it turns out is was too long and wouldn't be well supported. We cut it back to almost 3 meters and cemented the castillo (column) around it. Then installed the two meter bases (basos) and installed a main breaker for each meter behind the wall. Also one outlet so have electric on the site. Will be headed for the CFE office in Cihuatlan next week to apply for installation from the pole.


I applied for a new electrical install on Monday and they had it completed Tuesday morning


Completing front walls and gates

Drainage runs along the outside of the house
  More or less what the septic will look like
Breakers on the inside of the wall
Meter bases outside with protection