Building a home in Mexico  
  Digging the foundation

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This is the second day for the backhoe and he'll be digging the house foundations.  The house is approximately 19 meters by 5 meters with 3 bedrooms and a larger kitchen and living room.   All rooms will open onto a ramada (covered porch) with no interior hallway.  This is tropical living.

The water guy showed up the same day (late) and didn't dig the ditch as deep as he originally said.  He did include the fancy connector from 2 1/2" pipe to 1/2", the hose and a brass faucet.  $1100 pesos may not seem like much but compared to the other work being done it is.  This guy was referred to me by the Municipio ... but if we do it again, we'll do it ourselves or hire a plumber.  We may re-dig the ditch deeper later.


The water guys showed up the same day

Marking for digging with Cal
Foundation on the lot line
Almost finished with the first ditch