Building a home in Mexico  
  Building the foundation

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This is three days of foundation work but they are nearly finished after the first week.   The delay is mostly because of the hand digging required because the backhoe didn't go deep enough towards the rear of the lot which is higher than the front.  The albaņil (mason)says the backhoe guy wasn't experienced enough ... but the albaņil left me to oversee the digging and I didn't know what they had planned.

So here they are laying out the perimeters and finding level with the "water in the hose" trick.   The castillos (support columns) are almost a meter deeper than the bottom of the foundation and spaced 5 meters or less



Day one - setting up the perimeters

Day one - Finding level
Day one - Just about mapped out
Day two - First section of foundation w/castillos
Day two - Second lot workspace
Day three - delivering the second 1000 blocks
Day three - more foundation