The City of Colima
Colima, Mexico

Known as the "City of Palms", Colima was founded in 1527 as Villa San Sebastián de Colima. It is a interesting city with some beautiful colonial architecture and monuments.  Downtown Colima is made up of three Plazas lined up over 8 blocks.  The main plaza has some government offices, the main church, shops, restaurants and the Hotel Ceballos.   The next (middle) smaller plaza behind the church is more "the peoples park" where old guys sit, shoes get shined, etc.  The third and largest plaza has more shops and hotels including Hotel Merced.   One main street from the carretera into Colima empties into a corner of this last plaza.

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Colima main plaza
The main Plaza
Colima main Plaza
The main Plaza
Colima third Plaza
The third and largest Plaza
Pedestrian Shopping
A short pedestrian only street
Colima City Offices
Palacio de Gobierno internal plaza with murals and exhibits
Mural in Government building
Murals by Jorge Chavez Carrillo, painted in 1953
Money Collection - Monedas
Money collection - from Mexico and Colima
School kids touring the Museum
Schools kids on tour of the exhibit