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Cuzalapa Organic Coffee

Cuzalapa Organic Coffee Cooperative
Cuautitlán – Jalisco – Mexico

Cuzalapa is the site of a very old shade grown coffee plantation that grows organic Arabica beans. Cuzalapa is a little over an hour from Melaque off highway 80 to the south-east of La Huerta on the northern edge of the Manantlan Biosphere Reserve.

The coffee is grown under the shade of a large variety of other trees and the women of the

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A religious experience

The small parades in Melaque with barely 100 people in them at most is all I’ve experienced when it comes to religious festivals in Mexico. I call it a festival because that’s what the whole two weeks in Jocotepec has been but this parade of Señor del Monte around town is large and quite somber. I’m just guessing but assume the Christ on the Cross figure is interchangeable with Señor del Monte.

A religious experience

Mexican Village Life - 1958

From the Internet Archives – Public Domain
Willard Hahn travels to the village of San Diego de Tecoltepec, 6 miles from Toluca. He focuses on the harvesting of maguey juice, the washing of clothes in-stream, and the town’s water cistern, as the village has no running water. The villagers board a beautiful old bus to take their goods to the nearby market in Toluca, and walk home to avoid paying the fare of several

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Fiestas Charrotaurinas Colima

Fiestas Charro-Taurinas starts January 26th in the Colima suburb of Villa Alvarez

The Fiestas Charro-Taurinas has been celebrated in Villa de Alvarez every year since 1857, a charro and bullfight festival with cockfights, concerts and more in honor of the patron saint of Colima, San Felipe de Jesus, who protects against earthquakes and hurricanes.

The petatera is a structure that is created with wood and petates which are woven mats. Perhaps

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Welcome Señor del Monte

While the holidays are over in most lakeshore communities, Jocotepec residents are just getting started with the town’s fiestas patronales honoring El Señor del Monte (Lord of the Mount). The boisterous celebration runs for two full weeks to climax on the third Sunday of the month, falling this year on January 16. A sequence of fiesta happenings – punctuated by noisy fireworks – includes religious processions and services, bull-riding contests, cockfights, horse races,

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