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Angahuan - Michoacan

Angahuan is the little Purepecha town that you need to pass through to the Las Cabanas starting point to hike to either Paricutin volcano or the church. It may have been a bit of a drive depending where you started the day and you will most likely have a guide riding horseback along side your car who is unable to take no for an answer. Just don’t let your hurry or distractions keep

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Casa Sol de Oriente - Careyes

We met the reservations coordinator for Careyes at a party and he invited us up to take a look around. He was not there when we arrived so we took a walking tour of the resort by ourselves. Above my budget but a gorgeous place and setting. There’s a link to fotos at the bottom of the page.

On out way out we checked the office and he was there. That’s when

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I went to this with Vern and Elke but Vern had the nice video camera and is getting good at editing his films.   Too bad we didn’t have some of the parade around the plaza but probably would have been too dark.   Very fun night and my first

This Castillo (fireworks tower) was the finale of the Fiesta of the “Patron Saints” castillos that are the end of each evenings events, and

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Things that make you go Hmmmm

I stole that line from Marilyn (Trailrunner) but today I get my turn …

I left Jocotepec for Melaque on Monday last week and came back Saturday. The only bill I had received before I left was my cable bill and I left money for a friend to pay it. When I got back it was late Saturday and I had both electric and Telmex bills waiting. That meant I needed to

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Maria's birthday bouquet

Nice birthday dinner at Mariscos René in Jocotepec and after we stopped by the high school where she works and picked up this bouquet given to her by fellow workers

¡Feliz cumpleaños María!

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